Thursday, 26 February 2009

I can't wait....

Impatience. It's something I've always suffered from.

I suppose I should explain a little bit about the site. I have a BIG deadline for a long-term piece of research (my PhD) which is due for submission on the 31st March. In theory, every waking moment should be spent trying to meet this deadline and not planning my life, which starts again from the 1st April. I started it in 2004 and it has been trailing around behind me now for four and a bit long years.

But that is not the reason for Springtime. There is an ideal which we are trying to achieve. We have our house on the market to sell and we are renting a lovely place in the Lake District, the Barn. The house has been on the market for about 8 months now, I know, it's the worst time to try to do something like this. I'm getting a little impatient for the ideal, as it includes us having our own cottage in the lakes with one or two spare bedrooms so we can offer bed and breakfast and a little bit of land for a proper vegetable patch and some chickens. Springtime is my record of ideas, preparation and thoughts about/for our ideal; and hopefully at some point this year, the realisation of our dream.

The Barn is great but it doesn't really have a garden, just a flower bed in the shade of the house and a shared courtyard. The other day while I was dreaming about growing our own vegetables again I decided that actually it's a bit silly to put life on hold until 1st April. So, I started to research what grows well in pots! Now I'm just waiting for my seeds and seed potatoes to arrive. Again, the impatience is kicking in...

I just saw a man with a PDA wandering around outside and my hopes were raised that it was a delivery man with my seeds who was having problems finding the Barn. Anxious to get outside before he left, I quickly pulled my shoes on and grabbed my car keys to make it look like I desperately needed something from my car, but actually I was just going to see if he needed directions (ideally to the Barn to deliver my seeds). And then I saw his van: E-On. Oh well, my patience needs to be stretched a little further.

...back to the PhD.


  1. Good luck finishing your PhD. The Barn sounds like a beautiful place. I adore the Lakes and spent quite a bit of my teens walking the peaks around there. Now I'm a stone throw from the Peak District I spend more of my time there, but hope to return to the Lakes this summer.

  2. Thank you. The Peak District is a wonderful place too. There's something rather intoxicating about just getting out into the peaks/hills and exploring, no matter where they're located!

  3. Stay patient--I was where you are a year ago, house on the market in Pennsylvania, living in a rental with potted veggies in Indiana, husband working in Ohio, then living in another rental in Ohio (where potted veggies all got eaten by deer--ARGH) and now our house is finally built and we are moved in and I am planning my garden. Oh yeah and the PA house sold. After a year+.

    I completely sympathize!

  4. Thanks for your comment, that's really encouraging to hear. You must be having great fun planning your garden at the moment!


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