Sunday, 1 March 2009

Bakewell Tart

After reading How to Help Eradicate the Battery System and getting over the initial shock that Cadbury's (and many others) still use eggs from battery hens in their products, it got me thinking.

Although time is of the essence at the moment, convenience food really needs to packed-up and shipped-out of our lives. Just because I have limited time shouldn't mean that we unquestionably eat whatever is easiest.

We are definitely at our worst when we are back at the house we are trying to sell. It is looking all spick and span so whenever we are there we succumb to eating microwave ready-meals and (I hate to admit it) Mr Kipling's Bakewell tarts. I'm not the world's tidiest cook, so I have effectively been banned from using the kitchen there. It would be a shame to make a mess of the place - hence the reason for convenience food. Although I think this rule needs to be broken; after all isn't that what rules are for?

The post on the battery hens really made me stop in my tracks.

When I revealed on Thursday night, that we were going to stop buying (wherever possible) any product that might contain hidden 'bad' eggs. This didn't go down very well, as it turns out that someone (who shall remain nameless!) had developed a taste for those little Mr Kippling's Bakewell tarts in the cake tin at the other house.

Well, how hard can it be to try to make a proper Bakewell tart? I had a quick search through Domestic Goddess in Training's blog and lo and behold there was recipe for a proper Bakewell Tart! I won't repost the recipe, as you can just follow the link, but I would thoroughly recommend doing just is superb. I made it with locally-ground flour, local free-range (of course) eggs and some of my mum's homemade raspberry jelly - all of which made it taste and feel 100 times better one of Mr Kipling's!

I think it's been a hit in our house, but it still received an initial comment of, 'Where's the icing and the cherry?' (But he took a lovely photo for me!)


  1. As you've noticed I'm a huge Bakewell Tart fan and I'm glad the recipe worked for you. :)

    I forget about hidden eggs in products. One of the only companies I know that openly use free-range eggs is Hellmans mayonaise.

  2. Ah, that's useful to know.

    Before diving into a box of Thornton's fudge last night I checked the ingredients list and I was pleasantly surprised to see 'dried free range egg white'.


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