Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Local beer – from 50m away (literally)

Number of days until submission of PhD: Still 9

Stress levels: well, chilled (this is a temporary state I can assure you).

P3180112 Mmmmm. Sitting outside in the courtyard basking in the spring sun, editing part of a chapter, glorious. Then our neighbours peered over the gate and after chatting for a bit they told us to ‘grab a jug, and we’ll get some beer’. We came out with two jugs.

Our neighbours rent their barn (which is literally behind our ‘barn’) to a micro-brewery, and well, I have to say it’s rather good beer!

Perhaps it’s not the best thing to be drinking right now, with the rest of a chapter still to finish this evening, but maybe it will help the creative juices flow!


  1. Best of luck on the submission - I can imagine how it feels, I wrapped up my masters a few years back and I have to say, the next day when you are done, it feels like it last for 48 hours, you have no idea how much extra time you do not have to spend studying. What a great benefit to have the finished product of a microbrewer so close.

    Not finished on the taxes - just yet, its a bit tricker this year as I started my own company at the end of last year. Also US taxes are infamous for being downright complictaed.

  2. Thank you - still seems like there is an awful lot to do... But I remember being told that nothing is worse than completing a Masters, because it's such an intense period of time. I may change my mind on this one!

    I don't envy you the US tax system, the UK is complicated enough! Good luck.

  3. That's kind of neat to have a micro-brewery as a neighbor!

  4. Have you ever tried brewing your own? It must be second only to living next door to a micro brewery. The results of our dabbling in brewing in our outhouse have been surprisingly good. Perhaps something to try when your theses is done.

  5. Hi Nik, good point! I've never tried it, but with expert knowledge on the doorstep I think that is another thing to add to the 'to-do-list'!

    They're brewing today, the smell is heavenly at the moment.


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