Thursday, 15 October 2009

Tail and pheasants

Tail between my legs. I feel rather sheepish.

I can’t believe I haven’t written a post for nigh-on six months. Shame on me. I’d love to use the excuse that I’ve been too busy, but isn’t everyone?

More honestly, the problem has been in my head. The blog was so enmeshed with my PhD that when it was over I reacted quite strongly against anything to do with the thesis. Even things which I loved, namely reading books (even novels) and writing Springtime. There was no real reason, other than I needed a break. However, the letter arrived on the mat last week saying that it has all been officially accepted (corrections as well)! That flimsy piece of paper with the University’s hologram shimmering in the corner actually means, ‘Life may now continue’!

I won’t give a long and tedious update on what I’ve been doing, but needless to say, it’s been foodie related. I have a whole host of posts that need to be written, starting with the plastic sack containing 4 recently dead pheasants that I came home to yesterday…


  1. Good to see your back and congrats of submitting your thesis.

  2. Thank you - it's good to be back!

  3. Glad to hear from you! I can totally understand that you needed a long break after getting your PhD! Looking forward to your future posts!

  4. Hurrah - glad you are back - was wondering where you had been. And well done on PhD :0
    Looking forward to your next posts.

  5. Yeah, so happy you've have time to recharge and I look forward to seeing what you are up to!


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