Sunday, 1 November 2009

Mix and match pie and a lost camera

My camera has gone missing. How can I post anything without pictures? It's like beans on toast, but without the beans. We have two wonderful kittens, who are just 10 weeks old and I'm blaming them for 'moving' the camera. Or at least knocking it off a shelf or behind a rickety bookcase as they rocket round the house chasing each other.

I've been dining alone the last few days, so I've taken this opportunity to try to use up some of the mysterious packages of food in the freezer. When they originally went in to the freezer I was certain that they didn't need labels. Clearly, I would remember exactly what was where. Or not as the case may be. I've since learnt my lesson, and now everything that goes in to the freezer is labelled with: the date, exactly what it is and how many it will feed.

But the bag of brown splodge that came out of the freezer yesterday morning was from the pre-labelling days.
Tonight's dish was the second half of a wonderful stew. But having had the same last night, I wanted to do somehting different with it. I decided to wrap it in some short-crust pastry that was left-over (in the fridge this time) and make an impromptu pie. Served with some stir-fried kale from my friend's allotment and leeks it was a great supper and really quick!

'Left-over stew pie' will definitetely be on the menu again, maybe for two next time, especially now that I've started labelling the freezer food.


  1. Hope you find your camera soon! Mine broke altogether a few days ago, have to get a new one.

  2. I hope you manage to find a new one!

    I've just found mine. I'd blamed the kittens in error.


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