Sunday, 16 May 2010

A walk in the woods - bilberry, bleaberry, blaeberry, etc

We headed out for a stomp around the lake this afternoon, I think we were both in need of stretching our legs after a morning at the computer.

P5050123Although it was slightly overcast, it didn’t dampen the wonderful colour springing forth from every nook and cranny. It may have felt like an age for spring to arrive – but it’s now here with a vengeance. Everything is tinged green.

The one find that made my heart leap, was the little red bleaberries forming. They won’t be ripe until July/August, but it’s good to see they are on their way…

P5050119 I’ve never quite worked out what they are actually called locally. I thought they were called blaeberries, but I’ve been told that blae is a Scottish term. I didn't like to say that ‘blae’ commonly occurs in places names around here!

Anyway, I digress. Bilberry is apparently too generic. The name I should apparently be using is: bleaberry.

Whatever they are called, they are wonderful to eat and pick either as a refreshing snack while walking, or to pick basketfuls for taking home.

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